Septic Drainfield Rejuvention
with TerraLift 

Repair Drainfield with TerraLift
How TerraLift Works

Are Septic Issues ruining your day? 

Replacing or adding septic lines to your existing drainage system can be quite costly.

Replacing a drainfield can also cause serious damage to your lawn. 

But don't worry...We have a solution!

Rejuvenation with TerraLift

At Septic Works of the Lowcountry, we offer homeowners a great alternative to messy drainfield rebuilds with a service called, Septic Rejuvenation using TerraLift technology. TerraLift technology is an affordable solution to drainfield issues with very minimal impact to your lawn. 

Your drainfield requires sufficient water flow underground and loose soil to ensure proper drainage. If you have noticed any of the following issues, septic failure could be imminent:

● Slow draining shower, bathtub, or washing machine
● Foul odors emitting from your drainfield
● Muddy or soft drainfield
● Pools of water in your drainfield area
● Water coming from your septic tank lid
● Toilets gurgling after flushing them

These signs used to mean replacing your underground drainfield was required, a very costly and destructive process. Now you can get a much simpler Septic Rejuvenation Service from our septic technician using TerraLift. This soil restoration process can resolve numerous drainfield soil problems without disturbing the surface of your lawn! We can fix soil compaction, improper drainage as well as saturation. With a 95% success rate, TerraLift Rejuvenation Services are the obvious choice for any residential or commercial property in Savannah and surrounding area.

Using our Septic Rejuvenation Service costs thousands less than replacing your drainfield. It can usually be completed in one day and results are typically immediate. 

How TerraLift Works 

The process involves the insertion of a probe into your drainfield at various locations. Air is then forced into the soil while at the same time injecting the aerated soil with polystyrene pellets. This process creates open channels in your soil to allow for positive drainage and even spread for your drainfield.

Septic rejuvenation leaves the soil better than before without any disturbance to the ground surface meaning your lawn and landscape look untouched and maintain their original beauty!

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