Septic Inspections

Whether you are a new homebuyer or an existing owner of a home with a septic system, you should have your system inspected regularly. Our fully licensed septic installer, Frank Schmitz is a native to the Lowcountry and knows this area well. This advantage helps to create a report that is thorough and detailed. During the inspection, we will assess the system's overall condition, water level and will note any potential problems. If your septic system has a filter, we will make sure to clean your filter before placing it back in your system. We also test the operating level of your pump as well as the soil saturation level within your drainfield. The  results of your tests are explained in our 5-12 page report along with pictures detailing each examination. We can assist you in developing a treatment plan based on our findings that will ensure that your system continues to work at an optimal level. If needed, our team can also pump the septic tank and assess your drain field.


dirty filter.jpg
clean filter.jpg

Cleasn Filter
Dirty Filter 

Auger Test Results.png

Reasons to get a Septic Inspection

  • You're considering buying or selling a house that has a septic tank

  • You're seeking a home loan, as many lenders require septic tank certification before approval

  • Septic tanks are one of the most expensive household fixtures, so its important to take care of it. 

  • Check for damage that occurs naturally over time

  • It is recommended that septic systems are inspected every 3 to 5 years to make sure they are functioning properly. 

  • Doing routine maintenance is much cheaper than having to replace an entire system.

Don't wait another minute when it comes to knowing the state of your septic system, give us a call today to schedule your septic inspection. 

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